about us

Vesna Metal ve Profil San. Foreign Trade Ltd. Sti.

As Vesna Metal, we are the indispensable manufacturer of construction companies in the plaster and insulation profiles sector, with its rich product range and quality in accordance with world standards.
We work with the principle of applying the understanding of quality in every field and transforming quality into a lifestyle. Our products are preferred as quality construction materials in many countries around the world.
As Vesna Metal, we constantly monitor international standards and innovations in the sector and apply production technologies in accordance with these standards.
For any information about our profiles and application details, you can call us and get support from our sales engineers.

Raw materials

The production of our galvanized profiles is produced with sheets coated with hot-dip galvanized on both sides in accordance with BS EN 10142-DX51D norms. The production of our aluminum profiles is made of hard aluminum rolls, the alloy of which is resistant to external factors, produced in accordance with the norms of DIN 1725/1745/1783. Our PVC profiles are high quality, rigid PVC profiles and are produced in accordance with DIN 17441 norms. Our plaster nets are nets of different weights, such as 145 gr/m2 and 160 gr/m2, with a minimum areal weight of 110 gr/m2, woven from glass fiber impregnated to be resistant to alkaline environment.

Our Manufacturing Methods

Every stage of our processes is organized in accordance with TS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system norms. At one stage of our production, there are pressing, drilling and cutting operations. After pressing operations, drilled and cut metals are bent in roll forming machines and take their final shape. We produce mesh corner profiles with lamination machines using hot hot melt adhesives.