The finished products are tied by using either stretch nylon polyester ring or cardboard. Tied profiles are stored by being packaged or without packaging according to the sensitivity of the profile. At the mounted orders, wooden pallets are used for profiles before the shipping. To be safeguarded against the humidity , profiles with pallet are covered with bubble pack and stretch nylon and now the packaging process is completed.

Shipping and Distribution

For Istanbul deliveries, if our stocks are available, delivery is carried out within two days at the latest with our own vehicles. For out-of- city deliveries, delivery is made by the cargo and storehouse firms which we have an agreement. In this case, the delivery conditions of the cargo and the storehouse firm which we have agreement, are notified to the customers. In case of there isn’t available stock or the ordered amount is high, customer confirmation is taken by notifying the delivery date.

Rules concerning to the Profile Application

  • Always cut the profiles with snips, never cut with electrical spiral motor. Because, corrosion happens.
  • Pick the correct profile according to the application place. Never use galvanized product in wet areas and facades.
  • Plaster thickness defined correctly at the profile selection and suitable plaster profiles must be used.
  • For the fixing of the plaster profiles, plaster material must be used which will be applied at the surface and must be brought to plumb- line or scale with the help of gauge or water lever.

Terms of Guarantee

Our firm assures that every product is manufactured fault- free and perfect by complying with its own technical detail and conditions. According to this, the guarantee period of our firm is 6 months and the period begins once the shipping is made to the customer. For the products which plastering application is done, the guarantee conditions are not valid. The metal profiles must be protected against the humidity and must not be exposed to the water. Therefore, the profiles must be stored in dry and moisture- free places. As the stored places of the profiles which are done by the users is out of our control, our firm does not give any guarantee for the galvanized profiles against the corrosion. Aluminum profiles have corrosion resistance but when they are exposed to the water and humidity, they become white. In every case, the metal profiles must be protected from water and humidity. At the plasters which are exposed to much water after the application, if the galvanized plaster profiles are applied, the profiles under plaster can corrode and they make desorption. But in case using aluminum profiles at the plasters, any kind of desorption not happens related to the corrosion. Therefore, aluminum profiles must always be used especially at the facades.