Our services

Details on our working method, packaging, shipping and warranty are given below. You can review the explanations in more detail on the “Our Services” page.

Shipping and Distribution

For deliveries within Istanbul, if our stocks are sufficient, delivery is made with our own vehicles within two days at the latest. Deliveries outside of Istanbul are also made through contracted cargo and warehouse companies. In these cases, the delivery conditions of the cargo or warehouse to be used as an intermediary are notified to our customers. In cases where the stocks are not sufficient or the quantity demanded is high, customer approval is obtained by notifying the delivery date.

Warranty and Terms

Our company guarantees that every product will be produced perfectly and without defect in accordance with its technical details and conditions. Accordingly, the warranty period of our company is 6 months and the period starts as soon as it is shipped to the customer. Warranty conditions are not valid for products with plaster application. Metal profiles should be protected from moisture and should not be exposed to water. For this reason, the profiles should be stored in dry and non-humid places. Since the conditions in which the user keeps the profiles are beyond our control, our company does not guarantee against corrosion on galvanized profiles. Although aluminum profiles are resistant to corrosion by nature, they turn white when exposed to water or moisture. In any case, metal profiles must be protected from water and moisture. If galvanized plaster profiles are applied on plasters that are directly exposed to too much water after application, the profiles under the plaster may corrode and vomit on the plaster surface. However, if aluminum profiles are used in plasters, corrosion-related vomiting does not occur. For this reason, aluminum profiles should always be used, especially on exterior facades.


Finished products are tied using stretch nylon polyester straps or cardboard. The bonded profiles are stocked with or without boxes, depending on the sensitivity of the profile. Profiles are palletized using wooden pallets before shipment in Montan orders. Palletized profiles are covered with bubble nylon and stretch nylon in order to be protected against moisture and the palletization process is completed.

Application Rules of Profiles

Always cut the profiles with tin scissors, never with the electric spiral motor. because it causes corrosion. Choose the right profile according to the application area. Never use galvanized products in wet areas or exteriors. In profile selection, the plaster thickness should be determined correctly and plaster profiles suitable for this thickness should be used. The plaster material to be applied on the surface should be used for fixing the plaster profiles, and they should be brought to the plumb line or scale with the help of a gauge and water level.